Carpet Cleaning

Denver Steam Carpet Cleaning

Truck mounted hot water extraction (commonly referred to as steam cleaning) is Doc's cleaning method of choice. Steam cleaning is, by and far, the most thorough and powerful process available in the carpet cleaning industry today.

We begin each job by applying the finest quality "pre-spray" solution to the entire area of carpet to be cleaned (pre spray helps to break up soil and other spotty deposits). Next, we clean and extract the carpet with a hot (220 degree) water solution. Our extraction solution rinse not only provides ultimate cleaning but also promotes a "reviving" of your carpet that you can both see and feel. In addition to the cleaning of your carpets, we'll also vacuum all edges of carpet next to baseboards, wipe baseboards and move small items at no additional charge.

After a professional spotting, extraction and cleaning of your carpets, we highly recommend a protective spray coating of Dupont Teflon (for an additional fee per square foot). We especially recommend protecting high traffic areas such as a family room, hallways and stairs. Of course, for maximum protection, it is advisable to protect all areas which have been cleaned. Dupont makes an excellent product which will prolong the life of your carpet when used regularly.




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