Fine Rug Cleaning

Denver Area Rug Cleaning

All fine rug cleaning is performed in our rug cleaning facility. We commonly pick up and return your rugs (for a nominal fee). Once in the shop, each individual piece is inspected for material type, condition & special needs. Primarily, each rug undergoes a dry-soil removal process; this gentle vibration procedure is one of the most important ingredients in the thorough cleaning of your rug. Next, your rug is treated with a material-specific product and gently agitated to achieve maximum emulsification. Proper attention is given in the rinsing phase to make certain both rug & fringe (if applicable) are as clean as possible. Then, rug & fringe are conditioned appropriately and placed on special drying racks and set for a speed dry. After rugs are dry, they are inspected to see if any additional cleaning is needed. If rug is as clean as possible, it is rolled and packaged for delivery.




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