Tile & Grout Cleaning

Denver Hard Surface Cleaning

Hard textiles & grout are effectively cleaned with an elevation in both pressure and heat within a vacuum (no mess). The misconception that hard surfaces require little or no maintenance should be avoided as professional cleaning and sealing is crucial for the vitality of the substrate. As far as the approach that we take, the cleaning is fairly tedious. Primarily, the textile is inspected to determine specific procedures. Then, an appropriate detergent is applied to your textile and thoroughly worked in to break up foreign matter & stains. Grout itself receives special attention - as generally this is where most build-up settles. The rinsing stage for hard surface is a tedious process as high pressure & heat are applied to effectively pressure-wash the surface. We thoroughly wipe down all areas and then apply sealer after sufficient dry time. Sealing your textile is an absolute must. You are welcome to apply a store-bought product, however, you will truly get what you pay for in this regard. We strongly encourage our professional strength sealers which provide the maximum protection available.




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